Lunchtime Crunchtime!


A large proportion of waste created in schools is food related. It’s time to crunchdown on that waste!

This week we will be crunching down on the waste we produce at playtime and at lunchtime. The Eco-champions will be collecting fruit scraps at playtime to be added to the schools compost as well as encouraging children who bring in packed lunches to use less plastic wrap in their lunchboxes.

How can you help at home…

You can take some simple actions to reduce the amount of waste that your household creates.  With your children take a look at the food related rubbish you’re throwing away:
• Are you buying or cooking too much food and throwing it away?
• Are you throwing away anything that’s still in date or past its best before date without seeing if it still tastes or smells ok?
• Are you throwing away food and packaging that could be reuse or recycled?


Let us know what you are doing at home to reduce food waste!


Thursday 19th January Meeting Minutes


1. Sustainability Focus Waste Information / questions to share with classes:

– Waste is something that someone doesn’t want anymore

– Many of the everyday things we do create waste

– Every year UK households waste around 6.7 million tonnes of food, that’s one-third of the 21.7 million tonnes we buy

– Take a moment to think about food waste: do you leave some of the food on your plate at lunchtime? Or perhaps you put half your sandwich or the fruit from your lunchbox into the bin. – What shall we do at our school to reduce waste?

Eco-champions to feed back at next meeting.

2. Focus on recycling bins

– Is there paper etc. that has been put in the recycling bins that could be re-used?

– Eco-champions brought recycling bins to sort through. We managed to reduce the amount in our recycling bins by half. – Paper with writing only on one side to be used again

– Clean coloured scraps / cardboard scraps to be taken to reception / nursery for collage/art activities.

Classroom Challenge – Can you reduce the amount you waste in class? Always double check before it goes in the bin or recycling bin – Can it be used again?

Next Meeting Thursday 1st March 2012

The School ‘Nature Table’/ ‘Ecological Installation’ – You can never have too many logs, leaves or woodlice!

Are you going out into some woods or a garden this weekend? Please bring back something for our new nature table.
At this time of year we can find logs, cones or fallen branches from lots of different trees.
Can you identify your find? Leave it with us in the office or give it to Mrs Stone and look out for it on display outside Bullseye Class.

Eco-Meeting Minutes


Thursday 24th November

Meeting Minutes

1.    Switch-off Fortnight

  • On Monday we completed an ‘Undercover Audit’ so see which classes remembered to switch off their lights at lunchtime. We will be telling you the results in assembly on Monday (and putting them on the blog)

2.    What are we going to do to remind people to ‘Switch-Off’

  • Eco-champions to wear ‘Switch-off’ badges and be responsible for ‘Switching off’ lights
  • Leonie/Apsara/Malik – to create posters to go near lights
  • Jada and Leah – making a leaflet to encourage people to ‘Switch-off’
  • Assembly – Michael/Morgan/Adella to tell everyone results of audit in assembly
  • Special ‘Switch-Off’ certificates for the best classes after the next secret audit

3.    Eco-blog

Next Meeting Friday 2nd December @ 2.30pm in Bullseye.

Switch-Off Fortnight 2011


Switch-Off Fortnight is an annual campaign run by EDF Energy to encourage schools to reduce energy usage by ‘Switching On to Switching Off’!

The campaign runs from 21st November to 4th December.

The Eco-champions are going on a secret mission to see if Charles Dickens remember to ‘Switch Off’ lights when not in the classroom! We are not going to tell you when this mission will take place….stay tune for results!!

In the meantime…

Did You Know?

  • 63% of people forget to switch lights off when leaving a room.
  • Lighting accounts for 14% of your home’s electricity bill.
  • Leaving a 60W light bulb on for an hour each day uses the same amount of energy in a year as a month’s worth of evenings watching the TV would.

What can you do at home to save energy? Leave a comment here!


How do Charles Dickens children usually travel to school?


Our focus this term is ‘Transport and Travel” and the Eco-champions decided that first of all they needed to work out how children at Charles Dickens get to school? They surveyed every class and these are the results…

Well done Charles Dickens…61% travel to school by walking!

How can we increase this number? Stay tune for a ‘Walking to School’ song by the choir!!